New Ventures!

Workshops, coaching, more

I am starting some independent ventures specifically for landowners. I will be offering workshops, coaching, and working groups for landowners who would like to feel more confident when making decisions about their land.

I help farmland owners talk with their renting farmers about the condition of their farm’s water and soil. Sometimes those conversations are awkward, and I help landowners figure out how to ask for what they want so they can ensure their farm’s value into an uncertain future. Sometimes landowners also need to know enough to say “yes” to good practices their farmer wants to do.

I will be launching working groups of landowners who are ready to start taking steps forward goals that are right for them and their land. One working group will be exploring how landowners can invest newer soil testing technology to help with better conversations with their farmers. Another working group will be focused on more diverse goals for water, wildlife, erosion control, crop rotations guided by participant needs and interests. If you are interested in receiving notices about these working groups, please send an email to


Soil Talk 1.0 – You can check your soils with easy-to-find equipment! We will use soil and row crop terminology you can use to talk with your farmer and take your farm into the future in the best shape it can be. This is a starter workshop. You will be able to spot the problems status quo farming is causing and learn how landowners are helping farms improve and thrive through all kinds of weather.

Soil Talk 2.0 – Do you need to have better conversations with your farmer? Learn how equipment, timing of planting and termination, and weather can impact your soil health journey, and how better soil health is like topsoil insurance for you. We’ll dig into cover crops, strip-till or no-till, new types of soil testing, and how you can discuss them with your farmer. A surprise guest will help you test your skills!

“Pig in a Poke” Workshops – Learn about and discuss resources and topics from recent conferences or that don’t necessarily fit into neat categories for a single workshop. Always different, always connected to conservation, there might be surprises!

Working Groups

Protecting Your Land Working Group – Grow with a small group of women taking action to address soil erosion and water quality, add cover crops and change tillage, add perennials for pollinators and wildlife, implement new technology soil testing, and more. This facilitated series will support you in changing your land to be productive in an uncertain climate future and leave a healthy land legacy. Appropriate for women who rent their land and have some beginning steps in mind.

Next Level Soil Testing Working Group – The world of soil testing is not just for farmers, and you can initiate soil testing yourself, get help interpreting results and set goals with and for your farmer. Join a small group of women exploring the next generation of soil tests that measure microbial activity and diversity and transforming the conversations with their farmers. This facilitated series is appropriate for women starting from scratch or who are already on a path towards soil health.


Conversations in Farming for Landowners - Do you sometimes just want to talk about farming with another landowner? I offer conversation time per hour to help you navigate getting conservation happening, whether understanding the techniques or results or thinking through conversation strategies. This is not professional consulting for how you should manage your farm. If you need a lawyer, agronomist or certified farm manager, please choose those resources for advice! Extension Services in every state offer free or affordable help for legal, farm transitioning, and agronomic help.

I have experience with cash rent farming, working with a tenant, cover crops and strip till, and have listened to the stories of more than 3500 women landowners across many states for more than 14 years. I have worked in conservation for 43 years and on projects as diverse as forestry, prescribed fire in wild lands, urban wildland interface for fire prevention, invasive species control, all things prairie, soil and water conservation and I know the coolest wildlife folks ever!

I can help you learn terms and acronyms, understand how conservation practices work, and help you untangle some of the government agencies, or figure out what to ask the consultants listed above. I can offer a judgment-free, confidential conversation about farming, be a sounding board, or a conversation partner interested in all things conservation to protect the land.

Reach out by email to set up a time to talk, or a free 10-minute conversation before you commit.