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E Resources Group

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Current Projects

Professional Organization of Women in NRCS (WiN) 

  • Conducting research initiative into barriers for women achieving  leadership positions within Natural Resources Conservation Service  (NRCS).  

National Employee Development Center (NEDC) 

  • Conducting trainings for NRCS employees, course title “Improving Conservation Delivery for Women Landowners and Producers.”
  • The course is certified as credit towards Conservation Planning designation for NRCS employees. 
  • Trainings are scheduled for Texas, Iowa, Virginia, Montana, Idaho, South Dakota and Kentucky in 2018.

Women, Food and Agriculture Network 

  • Three multi-year projects:

  1. In Iowa, we are conducting Women Caring for the Land meetings on  soil health and with the goal of helping women develop Conservation  Plans. This project is 3-year grant funded as a Conservation  Collaboration project with Iowa NRCS.
  2. Developing the methods to reach urban dwelling women who own  rural farmland with a message of soil health. We have successfully  piloted a modified meeting model that is working in seven states – Iowa,  Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.
  3. Provide professional development training to Maine NRCS and conduct meetings for women landowners and producers over two years.

  • Two individual projects:

  1. Providing professional development training to North Dakota Pheasants Forever biologists and their partners. 
  2. Providing professional development training to South Dakota  Conservation Districts in the final year of their project, likely 2019. 

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

  • Developing water trail brochures for 12 designated Iowa Water Trails.

Hamilton County Conservation Board 

  • Facilitate five-year strategic planning for the board. 2018

NRCS employees modeling a technique learned that day while relaxing at a restaurant.

NRCS employees modeling a technique learned that day while relaxing at a restaurant.