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Educational outreach on ag and the environment, program evaluation, and fun, funky projects with research and interpretation.

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E Resources Group


Current Events

Check back as Jean has a "pot simmering" of new topics!

Other Happenings

I've had some requests to facilitate a Council of All Beings workshop on-line. Email me to get on the list for this - likely in mid-June. jean@eresourcesgroup.com

My emphasis is educational outreach and program evaluation.

I operate E Resources Group, LLC mostly by myself and I greatly enjoy collaborating with several subcontractors and as a partner with several non-profit organizations in the Midwestern USA. 2023 marks the addition of some new ventures and 26 years for E Resources Group, LLC!

I create educational projects under my own brand to push further, creating innovations in landowner education, particularly for women but including men who have not been active in agriculture.