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Educational outreach on ag and the environment, program evaluation, and fun, funky projects with research and interpretation.

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Current Events

Are you interested in an on-line working group to help you make changes to your farmland? Reach out via  jean@eresourcesgroup.com and let me know! Groups will launch, once a month for 5 months. Email to indicate interest and get cost and date information.

Protecting Your Land Working Group – Grow with a small group of women taking action to address soil erosion and water quality, add cover crops and change tillage, add perennials for pollinators and wildlife, implement new technology soil testing, and more. This facilitated series will support you in changing your land to be productive in an uncertain climate future and leave a healthy land legacy. Appropriate for women who rent their land and have some beginning steps in mind.

Next Level Soil Testing Working Group – The world of soil testing is not just for farmers, and you can initiate soil testing yourself, get help interpreting results and set goals with and for your farmer. Join a small group of women exploring the next generation of soil tests that measure microbial activity and diversity and transforming the conversations with their farmers. This facilitated series is appropriate for women starting from scratch or who are already on a path towards soil health.

I've had some requests to facilitate a Council of All Beings workshop on-line. Email me to get on the list for this - likely in mid-June. jean@eresourcesgroup.com

My emphasis is educational outreach and program evaluation.

I operate E Resources Group, LLC mostly by myself and I greatly enjoy collaborating with several subcontractors and as a partner with several non-profit organizations in the Midwestern USA. 2022 marks the start of some new ventures and 25 years for E Resources Group, LLC!

I am launching educational projects under my own brand to push further, creating innovations in landowner education, particularly for women but including men who have not been active in agriculture.